Enjoying 3D movies at Cinema

The 3d movies are very popular these days. Many times i refuse to go to a 2d movie even if i know it is very good. I prefer to go to a worse 3d movie instead. Why ? Because the experience is way better in 3d, and the price is the same.

Most people prefer to watch the movies at home and we already know the hype with home cinema, and how much money people spent on these last few years. Watching at a small screen was not enough.

Now we all have wide screens, what’s next ? 3d screens at home. I look forward to see 3 movies every day at home, on my own laptop. Is that thay far ? Not really, with proper glasses 3d can be seen on normal screens. Why to buy a new expensive screen when i need glasses too ? If you want to get a new screen, try one that you don’t need glasses. If you need glasses anyway, use the actual screens, it is almost the same.

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