Anaglyph, the fastest way to 3d

The 3d screens is surely the future. We all want to see 3d movies, 3d photos, 3d everything, but we always get confused about screen types, glasses types, etc.

The truth is that you can see 3d on every normal screen, and using a very simple glass technology you can see it right.

The technology constist in the red-cyan glasses. One eye will see a part of the image and the other eye will se the other. It seems you don’t have to spend $100,000 on your new 3d TV. You can get 3d images on your actual screen.

Where to get such kind of glasses ? You can get some 3d glasses from Amazon, or any other store where you find them. The prices are very low. But try to not overuse them, your eyes will tire much faster using the glasses.

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