Future of 3D TVs: Most people say to get rid of the glasses, why not to get rid of screens ?

The 3D technology today requires us to wear glasses when we are looking at a 3d movie. Either it is at cinema or at our newly brought very expensive 3d TV.

The highest inconvenient are the glasses, in the opinion of most people. Why we have to wear glasses when watch TV ? This is a bottleneck of 3d tv sales.

What is wrong with the glasses ? Well, the problem is that there are 2 components: the screen and the glasses. People are craving for better and for efficiency and this is why they hate having 2 objects to do a task. And the solution is simple: get rid of glasses.

Why not looking from the other point of view: Why we need big screens that we can’t move to watch television ? Isn’t it a bigger impediment than wearing some glasses ? How it will be if we could watch TV everywhere: in the train station, outside looking at the sky. It would be great for anybody, Why to carry those big screens after us when we can have full width image that will cover the whole eye ?

It may look closer to Star Trek than to out lives but is it really impossible ? We have so small devices that can do a lot things like phones. We only need something to display an image. We don’t need the whole device on our head. The main thing should stay in the pocket, we need only a bluetooth adapter and a small screen to display an image. It is possible! Here is an example.

Glassless 3d tv will debut at CES very soon. Why not screen-less 3d TV ?

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