2021, a bad year for 3D Technology

Ten years ago, 3D video technology benefited from a lot of good publicity. All big companies were announcing project on 3D screens, headsets, glasses, gaming platforms, projectors, etc.

Time passed and despite the fact that a lot of money were invested in 3D research, the demand was not increasing at the desired pace.

After 10 years, it seems that the consumers are not interested in 3D video technology.

Starting this year, Google Cardboard Headset is not available for sale on Google Store anymore. It will continue its path as an open source project, but Google, the creator, is not interested anymore in selling the Cardboard.

You might say that the Google Cardboard was a side project, not intended to make money, but Netflix, one of the biggest video streaming platforms, is no longer offering 3d streaming. This is really bad news for 3D video enthusiasts.

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