Believe 3D Trailer

Altought this is not the official trailer, it will make you feel that you really want to see the movie. A real fan of Justin Bieber created this amazin video showcasing his music, images and clips from Justin concerts. Enjoy watching.


  • gisele

    ola nossa amei muiito gostaria de saber se vcs vao a believe tour se nao deeixem seus twitters levarei em um cartaz ok !!!!!!!! bjs

  • Laura

    Love tgis trailer Wow!!! Whoever made this trailer is a true believer but i know u probbably didnt do this for money or fame u did this for beliebers and to show haters that justin bieber is a true and amazing talented boy who was nothing but now is more then smthing i hope im there someday and justin i hope ur reading this cause im not kust saying it but your inspiring me to follow my dreams in becoming someone like u cause u inspire people ur the first artist and musician that has inspired so many kids even disabled kinds to alwys believe in there dreams i love u justin i willl always be a belieber no matter if im 12 or 100 i love u o hope Im an artist like u someday hope watching ur movie and i hope u read this you inspire me in so many ways love ya hope u read this

  • Cameryn Proctor

    I am one of the biggest beliebers out there and i honestly can not wait to go on Christmas day with my family and friends to see Believe 3D it will be the best Christmas ever

    • momo

      me 2

  • http://popstar Jessica

    hey Justin Drew bieber I Love you somach JB JB JB JB
    I wante do by I am Girl Jessica Bigger fan bieber forver no boyfiend